About Us


Taknology (Canada) Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated distributor, headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Taknology operates as a specialty distributor of printers and digital imaging products. It caters to the independent dealer community across Canada.

  • Started in 1985 and incorporated in 1992 as Taknology (Canada) Inc., TAK offers over 2 decades of experience in assisting dealers source and sell imaging products.
  • Taknology (Canada) Inc. believes in partnership – our mandate is to focus on the products from our vendors and to cater to the dealer. We do not try to sell everything and refuse to bring on products which do not fit our strategy of being committed to the market and the independent dealers.
  • Our corporate culture revolves around understanding the diversity of the Canadian market and being fair in all our practices with our various partners. Fair dealing and communication with our dealers is a keystone in our value system.
  • Our core business is imaging products so we know the market and the dealers' needs.
  • Taknology (Canada) Inc., as a specialized distributor, won’t necessarily be the sole or primary supplier for our dealers, but the level of service and support we offer exceeds that of any comparable organization. We complement any dealer's current supply chain in what we offer.

Taknology is a consumer electronics distributor specializing in digital imaging equipment such as printers, cameras, scanners and projectors

What makes Taknology (Canada) Inc., different in the Market?

  • Taknology (Canada) Inc. effectively communicates between dealers and vendors.
  • Focuses on the products sold from our vendor partners.
  • Each account has a dedicated Sales representative.
  • Full functioning Showroom with demo products set up for evaluation and review by resellers at our Richmond Hill, head office.

Why buy from Taknology (Canada) Inc.?


  • Flexibility for smaller accounts not qualified to buy from other suppliers or vendors direct.
  • Logistics coverage of all Canada with pick-up service at all of our branches.
  • Administration of programs and promotions better suited to the individual business types of our dealer base, also more flexible in dealing with the needs of both manufacturers and the dealers.

Dealing with Taknology (Canada) Inc. representatives should be a pleasure for our valued partners. Though no one can know everything, Taknology (Canada) Inc. prides itself on knowing more about the industry and its products than the average sales person from the competition. Catering to the independent dealer base, Taknology (Canada) Inc. is on the dealer's side and will fight for the independent channel with all the manufacturers to ensure the level of support to the independents is on par with the national retail chains. With the level of information available from so many sources, it's worthwhile to talk to our representative who can distill the information that is pertinent to the dealer's needs.